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HvA Robot Studio Team: Jakob de Konink | Cameron Roeten | David 't Lam

The workshop focus on a general design of the structure towards a beam section that can be robotically produced. In order to produce this beam section we will work on a digital data base of the wood we have available at the Robot Studio Lab and that could be stacked based on a packing strategy in order to robotically mill the necessary material. Finally we will approach the production aspect by working on a digital simulation of the milling.

Beam Scale

This scale focuses on exploring the morphology of a section of the main beam structure in order to explore performance and production possibilities of the design.

Hva slide12.jpeg

For the main design of the beam we started thinking about ideas of implementing lights in the design, as well as varying the thickness and creating geometric shapes.

Hva slide13.jpeg

Thickness and lights

Hva slide14.jpeg

Geometrical shapes

Hva Slide15.jpeg

Hva Slide16.jpeg

Transition of the lighting in different beams

Hva Slide17.jpeg

Transition of the lighting combined in one beam, which is also our chosen design.


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Beam Design

Short text here talking about beam selection and its parameters

Hva Slide18.jpeg

We looked at different shapes for our chosen idea.

Hva Slide19.jpeg

We also varied in depth of the lights and added a possible twist.

Hva Slide20.jpeg

Applied a more organic design

Hva Slide21.jpg

This is our final design made in Rhino


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