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MSc 2 TUD Students

MSc 3-4 TUD Students

Tutors, researchers, coordinators, MSc 1-4 and BSc TUD students: Off-Earth Manufacturing and Construction (ESA Competition)

Tutors/Researchers/Coordinators and Students: Dr.-Ing. Henriette Bier, Ir. Arwin Hidding, Vera Laszlo, Ing. Arise Wan and MSc cands. Edwin Vermeer, Maneesh Verma, Emma Chris Avrămiea, Krishna Jani, Siddharth Popatlal Jain, Ruard van Workum

Tutors, coaches, and BSc 4 TUD Students: Renewable Energy for Mars Habitat (ESA Competition)

Tutors/Coaches and Students: Dr.-Ing. R. Schmehl, Prof. Dr. D. A. von Terzi, Dr. B. V. S. Jyoti, C. Belo Gomes Brito, MSc. and BSc. cands. F. Corte Vargas, M. Géczi, S. Heidweiller, M. Kempers, B. J. Klootwijk, F. van Marion, D. Mordasov, L. H. Ouroumova, E. N. Terwindt and D. Witte