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HvA Robot Studio Team: Jakob de Konink | Cameron Roeten | David 't Lam

The workshop focus on a general design of the structure towards a beam section that can be robotically produced. In order to produce this beam section we will work on a digital data base of the wood we have available at the Robot Studio Lab and that could be stacked based on a packing strategy in order to robotically mill the necessary material. Finally we will approach the production aspect by working on a digital simulation of the milling.

Architecture Scale

This scale focuses on parametric form finding methodologies of an architectural space that eventually is analysed and optimised structurally to propose multi performative wood beam structure.


brief description of the image

Structure Analysis

Short text here talking about structure analysis and the parameters that where used.

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Step 1: Create a point cloud

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Step 2: Use the Dendro plug in to create a volume and turn it into a mesh

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Step 3: Create a mesh for the floor in the same way

Hva Slide5.jpeg

Step 4: Anchor the floor points and relax the mesh

Hva Slide6.jpeg

Mesh comparison relaxed-unrelaxed

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Step 5: Add supports (bottom) & loads (top)

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Step 6: Use karamba plug in to create stress lines

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