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Rhizome: Off-Earth Manufacturing and Construction (of subsurface Mars Habitats)

Review 1


1st review meeting agenda, notes, and presentations

Revised project description, agenda, and notes (in text format):
Revised project description (pdf) and, agenda and notes

Presentations (in video format):
Henriette Bier: pptx
Vera Popovich & Yinglu Tang:
Volker Ruitinga & Kees Leesmeijer:
Luka Peternel & Armin Avaei:
Roland Schmehl:
Angelo Cervone:

Deliverables T0+2:
D1 (from WP1): (PDF)
D2&3 (from WP2-6): (PDF)
D2 (Appendix): (PPT)
D2 (ESA progress report): (PDF)

D2RP: 1st session prototyping @Vertico

Vertico 1.jpg Vertico 2.jpg Vertico 3.jpg

Prototyping notes: