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09 Multimaterial Robotic Assembly @SimAUD 2018, TU Delft




This workshop is part of the 9th annual Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) held from 4-7th of June 2018 at TU Delft's campus.


The workshop starts with an introduction to robotic building and design to robotic production methods. Participants will learn basics of inverse kinematic simulation and parametric toolpath generation. Both subtractive and additive methods of robotic production will be explained and the goal is to produce physical prototype using a hard material such as Expanded Polystyrene and soft material such as silicon to be robotically 3D printed. Moreover, in order to bridge the two processes , 3D scanning of subtractively produced components shall be applied that updates the additive production toolpath. The workshop includes hands-on experience of robotic programming and production and the results are physical prototypes.


Familiarity with digital and parametric modeling is recommended but not required. The studio will include hands on experiments for which required tools and equipment will be provided. Participants may bring their laptop with software installed before the workshop starts. Before the workshop starts, participants will receive installation package.


Sina Mostafavi, Benjamin Kemper and Yu-Chou Chiang